Salem Fencing Club is a 501c3 nonprofit fencing studio located in the southeast area of Salem, Oregon. We offer instruction and a place to fence for the complete beginner, recreational fencer, or national-level competitor, and everything in between. We would be happy to have you fence with us or to teach you (or your group) more about fencing.

The Salem Fencing Club Board of Directors is proud to announce the hiring of a full time head coach for the Salem Fencing Club. Coach Michael McTigue will be moving from New Jersey to Salem with a starting classes in October. 


From The Coaches

This is coach Chris Leclercq, from Northwest Fencing Center. This past spring, I helped Salem Fencing Center's Competitive program. In an effort to prepare the club for coach Michael Mctigue, I will be offering lessons, class, and open bouting time from 4-8 pm on Tuesdays starting September 13th. If you are interested in scheduling lessons, please email Coach Mctigue will be taking over on October 10th. Any new schedule that he proposes will take affect on that date.

In addition to this Tuesday fencing time, all Competitive Salem fencers are welcome to join us at NWFC on Thursdays from 6-8 pm for Competitive class and bouting. 

If you have questions about this, please let me know at I will do my  best to answer your questions, or provide information about who could help.

Be sure to visit our Facebook page to keep up to date with any changes that may not appear on the website.