Private Lessons



Learning to fence is like learning to play a musical instrument. Students benefit greatly from the concentrated one on one attention and direction of a private lesson.  The private lesson is a hallmark of great fencing instruction.  It compliments the group lessons and accelerates the learning process for every student. SFC coaches pride themselves on their ability to engage each student in the productive, concentrated learning experience of the private lesson.

Please follow the link below to access Salem Fencing Center's Private Lesson Book.Access is only granted to current SFC Members. Please "create an account" on the first page. Once Membership Status has been confirmed you will be granted access to the lesson scheduler. 


$40 per 30 mins. Ala Cart

$100 per month for 4, 30 minute private lessons (Adult 4 lesson pack)

$60 per month for 4, 15 minute private lessons (Youth 4 lesson pack)


Lessons must be cancelled by midnight the night before, or it will be charged onto the account. If you have any questions please ask Coach McTigue